Hi there,

Our names are Leti & Quentin and we have created this blog to share our biggest passions with people around the world.

The things that catch our eyes are photography, creativity, books, yoga, mindfulness, music, food, being healthy, leadership and travel.

Wide eyed koalas are everywhere, running through the forest, climbing trees and munching on the leaves.

The life of a koala is pretty exciting because it is based on appreciating the present moment. Koalas don’t have time for the past, or for worrying about the future, because there’s more than enough to explore in the now.

Koalas love to share because they know that happiness is a branch shared.  Being grateful and generous are key traits and this is why Quentin and Letizia decided to open this blog: to share discoveries, make new friends, to inspire and to make mindfulness a reality.

Koalas are naturally curious and attentive, drawn towards the simpler things like natural beauty, nice smells and tastes, authentic beings and things that connect us to our higher selves.

Are you a koala?

Spot a koala!