Starting our Vegan 30day challenge

Vegan diet jars

After watching the documentary Cowspiracy Wide Eyed Koalas have decided to subscribe to Veganuary and join 20,000 people who are taking on the Vegan challenge this January! It fits perfectly with our enquiring nature and we keep asking ourselves what works best for us - always bearing in mind that diversity is what makes this world interesting and rich. 
The Vegan challenge is nothing new but for us (especially for Quentin who is a meat lover) it’s quite hard to stick to the rules and not get distracted by dairies (cheeeeese we love you!). However we found the cause very inspiring and committed to follow the ‘rules’ in a playful way.  Doing something for the good of our planet is definitely something that makes us feel good. 
Since starting the challenge I’ve been cooking non-stop! I love cooking as I am exploring new recipes and new combinations; however it takes up a lot of time. 
First things first, I have organised all my grains and vegan essentials in lovely jars so that cooking and eating vegan become more interesting. 

My vegan essentials: 
-    Oat and almond milk (homemade) 
-    Green smoothies (every morning with spirulina as a must-have ingredient to bring proteins to our day)
-    Coconut oil, coconut milk and coconut yoghurt (amazing)
-    Hemp powder (again to support our diet with proteins) 
-    Buckwheat, coconut flour and rice flour (also gluten free which is perfect as I need to avoid gluten) 
-    Nuts
-    Turmeric
-    Chickpeas
-    Chia seeds: a wonderful superfood with extraordinary properties

I’ll be posting some recipes in the next few days that I have been creating day by day and are very easy to do. My aim is to cook great food but to not spend too much time in the kitchen as I like doing 10,000 other things! I hope you’ll be inspired by our adventure and follow us during this journey. You may want to take this challenge on too or maybe just follow the bits that resonate with you. You can also add any dairy you want and create your own non-vegan version. Enjoy!