How to Stand Still in a Time of Fear

One week ago, before the attacks in Brussels, I spent at least ten minutes experiencing pure fear. I chose to see fear, stay in it and react to it. I couldn't stop thinking about what the newspapers were writing about all the attacks that are expected in London in the next few days, weeks. I was terrified, incapable to rationalise and think straight. 

How to Not Get Stopped in Life by a No

When you start a project or you're trying to pursue your dreams there may be many fears running in your head. Most of them we make up in our mind. One of these fears is the fear of receiving a lot of No's. We don't like receiving No's because most of the time we take it very personally. We take it so personally that we stop doing the things that we love the most or doing them in a way that are in line with who we are. Just because.. someone said No! 

Am I right?

As human beings we always tend to be right and we mostly spend our time to defend ourselves and our opinions. When you really think about it, it's almost hilarious. If you are able to observe yourself from the outside, you'll see a normal person constantly trying to validate their decisions and opinions.

Who am I?

How many times do we end up thinking that who we are is a specific thing? That we have specific behaviours and characteristics that quickly become our personality. How many times are we identifying ourselves with them?