Who am I?

How many times do we end up thinking that who we are is a specific thing? That we have specific behaviours and characteristics that quickly become our personality. How many times are we identifying ourselves with them? 

Lately, I find myself observing how many times - during an ordinary day - I say things about myself like: 'I am shy' or 'I am good at working under pressure' (Am I? Really?). These sentences have become part of my daily vocabulary and I ended up believing in them, making them my truth, my source of self-understanding and self-awareness. As if - having this fixed view of myself - would make me more aware of who I AM REALLY. It's really interesting observing this happening. If you really pay attention to what you say, you may notice that sometimes you also say opposite things about yourself and end up getting confused. Lately, I ask myself: who am I really? And the answer is getting clearer and clearer: i am no-thing, I am everything. I can be whoever I want as we're not fixed beings. Somehow, we get stuck in what we say we are and create around us situations that suit who we say we are. Then, when something new happens that doesn't fit into our view of ourselves we then have to find a new label. 

What if we were free to be whoever we want? What if we didn't have to compare any past experience of ourselves with our present? Well, we could be different things. We could have an experience of ourselves completely new every day and we would't try to put any label because there is nothing wrong in seeing our dynamic nature as human beings. 

Sometimes, I clearly see this. I see space and freedom. I see how my ego is limited and at the same time I see the limitless nature of our higher self which doesn't need any label. It is what it is. 

I invite us to experience ourselves as people who don't need to live in our old thoughts but rather as people who can create ourselves in the now. Second, after second. Someone who can still get surprised and doesn't get caught up in who we thought we were.