7 Ways To Stop Annoying Mind Chatter

Have you ever thought about getting rid of your own mind and thoughts? Have you ever asked yourself: is all this noise going to end soon? Am I supposed to be a prisoner of my own mind for the rest of my life? The answer is not easy. Probably, yes, you're going to be a prisoner in your own mind for the rest of your life. The good news is that you won't be alone. The other good news is that there is actually a way to reduce it and stop your mind from constantly chatting. It's all about surrendering!

It has been called samadhi, enlightenment, awakening, peace, real happiness. Whatever you call it, you know exactly what I mean. It's one of those moments where everything slows down. Where there is no You and I. Where there is no past or future, no worries or planning. Where everything is the way it is.

For years scientists have wondered what can make this possible. Even for just few minutes or hours. There are some people who can experience this kind of state every day and every hour. But what about the other people who are still finding their way? What can they do to reduce the constant activity of the ego? 

These are 7 things you can proactively do to manage your mind, get a glimpse of enlightenment and experience some pure peace.

1. Meditation
It may be quite obvious to many of you but not to everyone. When you start to meditate, most of the time, the mind becomes suddenly extremely active. That's when most of the people give up. As with everything, all you have to do is keep practicing. There are so many types of meditation available in the world that you can definitely find one that works for you. 

2. Yoga
We just love yoga, because it has so many lasting benefits. There are so many styles of Yoga nowadays that once again you can find what fits you. Once again, what really makes the difference is the practice and the discipline. The kind of peace you cultivate and experience after a yoga session is just amazing - as said by Osho - 'That feeling...and you are suddenly at home. Nothing is being missed. You are part, an organic part of this tremendous, beautiful whole. You are relaxed in it, surrendered in it. You don´t exist separately – all separation has disappeared. So, definitely thumbs up for doing yoga: in a group or at home, it's for everyone.

3. Music
Lose yourself in the beauty of music. Whatever instrument you play or song you sing, experience surrender by just flowing with the music itself. There is a precise moment in which the mind disappears and there is only trust for the music itself. There is no past or future but just total awareness of BEING in the present with the gestures that accompany your notes and everything is perfect. There is no worries for the next note or if you are losing the rhythm. The power of music is just amazing. 

4. Activity in nature
The connection with the nature is the key. When you end up tuning into the nature and its rhythm everything slows down and your 5 senses are exposed to pure magic and beauty. In that moment there is no danger or fear. There is just a sense of being complete and completely connected with the environment around you. It may last few minutes or hours but that kind of peaceful moment that provides you peace and freedom is unforgettable. 

5. Chanting
Chanting is a mixture of music and meditation and is an incredible way to surrender to the present moment and let your mind go. The sound is such an intimate tool that arises within you and connect you to your higher Self. There are different traditions, embrace the one that resonates with you. 

6. Contributing to others
Whatever you may do, do it with a sense of purpose, with the awareness of the big picture, conscious that it's done to contribute to others. Contribution is a way to see your Self and who you are beyond your own needs. Give of yourself and you'll experience a sense of wholeness where there won't be any difference between You and I, where there is no past or future but just Now. 

7. Sharing something that inspires you with another human being
Communication is what makes us human. When you are deeply inspired or moved by something bigger than ourselves, then share it with others and make a difference. Share the love, the passion, the vision. By sharing you declare something, you make a vision real, you get to connect to someone else and you lose your ego. Another way to get closer to the Now and experience a glimpse of complete awareness.