Am I right?


In the last few weeks I had the chance to really experience what it means being free from the need of being right! As human beings we always tend to be right and we mostly spend our time to defend ourselves and our opinions. When you really think about it, it's almost hilarious. If you are able to observe yourself from the outside, you'll see a normal person constantly trying to validate their decisions and opinions. It may be funny at the beginning, when you really get to see it for the very first time.

Then, when you realise for the very first time that so much effort is spent in order to be right, well, it becomes less funny! The reality is that we waste so much time thinking that there is a certain truth that we need to defend, endorse, explain to others! 

However when you choose to let go. Seriously, when you give up, when you stop thinking how great it would be to win, you end up feeling so free! Being right, in our human world, means many things. Maybe the most valuable meaning to us is that we actually get to validate our life. We get to give importance to it. The reality is that we also add so much weight to our shoulders that it becomes unbearable. 

On the other hand, accepting that we are probably wrong most of the time and this doesn't mean that we made the biggest mistake of our life, some lightness gently appears and gives us space to breathe. 

There must be a precise moment in our teenage years or maybe even earlier, that we started to take our life and condition so seriously. When did it happen? When did we start to forget about the whole point of being alive? Enjoying the ride, experiencing life with all its aspects, playing a game and then exchange it for another one, being aware that there is nowhere to go. Getting inspired by solutions and newness rather than the sticky and boring nature of being right all the time. 

Living life as there weren't no need to be right provides you with so much freedom and happiness. 

It happened to me this week. I really saw how far I can go in the name of my righteousness. Being right becomes for me 'being fair'. Doing that, I can cross the line and claim it that 'it's fair'. I suddenly saw how much energy I lose, how disconnected I become from the world and the people around me. I almost shrink! I become the award of my own mind without even realising it.

And it's in that moment that I got that I could have let go. Just like that. I didn't need much, I just needed to let it go. It was so easy. Suddenly I could see the benefits arising. People around me started to ask me how come I was so happy. I suddenly fell in love with my own life and with myself, my clumsy, stubborn Self. There was so much space for something else. For my life! For my dreams and projects, for people around me who have been trying to speak to me and I have been pretending to listen to them. Suddenly there was space for imperfection! The beauty of the human imperfection. And really... realising how non-perfect I am has never been so rewarding.