Conversation with a Stranger

Last night coming back home I had to take a taxi as it was very late. I ended up having an amazing conversation with a total stranger: the taxi driver. I don't really know how we ended up talking about life and our constraints in our mind. I just know that I have started to share about the idea I have of constantly being 'confused' about what I want to do in my life and discovered that it's actually a pretence, something that I say to myself just to not take responsibility, to not choose and let other people choose for me and eventually blaming them for their choice. While I was sharing I saw him nodding. He thanked me for being open and started to share about his own life. He talked about his own insecurity and about the fact that he used to be constantly stopped with people when trying to communicate with them. He shared that it took him quite a lot of courage to look into that. How he started doing meditation and reading many books to really understand himself.

He discovered that something happened in his childhood that may have had an impact on how he looks at people now. He shared with me what happened when he was 10 years old and I was amazed to see a man of another culture sharing so authentically with me, a total stranger. I won’t share here what he shared with me about what happened to respect his privacy, but what I can tell you is that it’s not something that you normally share with stranger or people around you.

This completely moved me! I had this massive theory in my head that men of that particular culture are very reserved and I would never have the courage to have a deep conversation with them because who am I to do that? And in that moment I really saw that this is what happens to me and other people around me. On a big scale, this happens to the whole world and that’s why we have problem with communication and bigger than that we have wars and hatred between cultures. I got out of the taxi with such an appreciation for life and its beauty. Once again, I got clear to how deeply connected we are as human beings and how we walk around thinking we are not, acting like numb people.

It’s just a little story that maybe happened to you many times. But what really struck me is that I felt so alive after that conversation and started to think once again about all the conversations I normally have in my life and the nature of these conversations. I wondered how deep all these conversations are and I didn't like the answer that was immediately there for me.

What I am taking on for myself is to really develop straight conversation where I am interested in people around me and their stories. I want to offer to people a place where they can be heard as that is what I would like for myself.