Hazelnut spread with Almond Milk

When you're going vegan and suddenly you cut cheese, milk and sugar, life can be hard ;) 
That's why having some treats becomes mandatory. The Hazelnut spread is not my idea for sure but I think it's a great option for breakfast and treats after work. The version that I am writing about here has almond milk in it and it's delicious! To blend the hazelnuts I used my fabulous Nutri Ninja. I was not sure it would blend nuts but it did a perfect job! I then double checked with the customer service whether my model can be used for blending nuts or not as I don't want to destroy it. So before using any Nutri Ninja product, better to double check or use a food processor instead. Have a look if you are happy to try something new and less sugary than usual. 


  • 2 cups of hazelnuts
  • half cup of maple syrup
  • half cup of almond milk (free to use any other plant-based milk)
  • half cup of organic cocoa

Put the hazelnuts in the oven and toast them (you will understand when they are ready from the amazing smell). Once ready, put them in your food processor or Nutri Ninja, add the milk and blend until you obtain a smooth butter. Add the maple syrup and the vegan organic cocoa and blend again. Feel free to check whether your spread is too sticky and need more cocoa, learn to play with your ingredients and quantities. Select some lovely jars and fill them with your hazelnut spread. Keep them in the fridge and enjoy in on bread, rice or corn cakes! Wonderful!