Day 1 Fuerteventura

Words from Quentin...

When we booked the trip to Fuerteventura for Leti's birthday on the 27th November it seemed so far off. All of a sudden it's upon us and a small mountain of things to finish off with work and other commitments before a flurry of last minute packing. This holiday is so needed, the past few weeks have been intense and rest for the mind and body has been in short supply!

We finish packing with just a few hours to spare before the alarm goes off at 3:30am to get us to the airport in time for our 7am flight. The zombie-like state with which we enter our holiday is regretful but familiar.

We spend most of the four hour flight from London to Fuerteventura trying to catch up on sleep and stumble bleary eyed out of the plane feeling a little more human.

Border control consists of one man standing in a corridor and the line moves quickly until Quentin reaches him. Having a New Zealand rather than European passport means extra paperwork and the whole line needs to stop while this gets sorted. 

A few long minutes later and we’re through!  First impressions: not too hot - good!  Strange shaped hills with red earth and not much vegetation - interesting! Off to pick up our little VW Polo from Orlando Rental Cars and on the road quickly without a hitch. Except for a brief moment of confusion - do we drive on the left or the right? Luckily a car drives past and we tuck in behind - drive on the right!

Quick stop off in Puerto del Rosario to buy some contact lenses - it feels like a make or break item for the holiday. Will need to take an eye exam or prove my prescription like in London? Nope, effortless transaction even in a new language and half the price of London. Then we’re off  up north to find Villaverde and our airbnb accommodation.

The landscape is a little shocking to the senses: barren rocky plains and hills with an odd red earth make us feel like we’ve landed on Mars. The smooth black road sits on top of the bare earth and we sense that man is a visitor here. The land still ruler.

After a few missed streets and U-turns we pull up to our airbnb: Aloha ke Akua, Yoga and Surf House. It's lovely!  As are the hosts Luca and Francesca – a beautiful friendly couple who have moved here only months ago to set up the yoga and surf bed and breakfast. Everything is exactly as the photos promised and we quickly unpack before heading off to explore and find some lunch.

Luca and Francesca recommend Cafe Domingo for yummy tapas in the northernmost town Corralejo. Absolutely starving we order 6 tapas and grande cold cervezas - with the realisation that this is not going to be a wheat-free weekend! The tapas come out and they are huge! Exceptionally good value at €4 each and no way are we going to finish them all but we valiantly tuck in to try.

Defeated, and happy, we head off in search of beach and find Playa Grande Corralejo. White sand and turquoise water - it's like a dream and the only thing missing for us is heat. The barometer may be saying 23degrees but for some reason we're still in jeans and jackets - most likely due to the strong wind – even though the more accustomed tourists are in shorts and singlet. We take a short stroll before collapsing for a snooze on the sand. Awakened by sundown and the temperature dropping a few degrees we decide to hit the road.  Driving past another gorgeous beach, we can’t resist and sneak in a moonlit walk down a golden sand beach before finally calling it a night and heading for home.