Day 2 Fuerteventura

Words from Leti...

It's day 2 in Fuerteventura. I wake up early around 8.20 as I want to do yoga in the lovely garden of our b&b. Quentin is still sleeping, struggling to wake up. Outside the wind is already blowing and the sun is still behind the clouds. There is such a silence. I can only hear a happy Rooster in one of the houses in the neighbourhood. I sit in my meditation position and breath deep.  

The air is so clean, I can't believe it. My self practice this morning is a short one, 30 min. I need to catch my mind few times as I am thinking of the amazing breakfast I'll have soon. We didn't eat the night before as we were exhausted and my stomach is now letting me know that it's time to get some food. I finish my practice in my sitting position thanking myself and my life to give me the chance to enjoy four full wonderful days in this beautiful place. 

I go to wake up Quentin who is still attached to the bed. Finally I manage to convince him to get up and have breakfast. Our lovely hosts had prepared yummy rice flour pancakes just for us. Vegan version included without eggs and milk. They are delicious. I am already tuned into this way of living and I love it. We end up talking with Luca & Francesca about the island and their life here. Very inspiring people, they came here few months ago to change their life and make their dream come true: having a place to encourage yoga retreats. I get inspired by their story. It's time to go to explore!  

We take our cute polo and drive towards La Oliva. It's a lovely little city with a great energy. Life is so slow here and buildings despite being very simple are very cute. We take some pictures and end up visiting the Aloe Vera museum. We buy the aloe Vera drink to put into our green smoothie in the morning - we are addicted to green smoothies lately and Aloe Vera is such a great ingredient to be added to them with its amazing properties. 

 At the shop they give us a plant of Aloe Vera which we name Genevieve. It's so exciting! We might be able to cut it and use it directly as a gel in our smoothie. After the museum we decide to see the famous Dunes near Corallejo. Wow, the colours are impressive. The turquoise of the sea mixed with the golden sand of the desert makes such a wonderful picture. The wind is blowing and I breathe deeply. There is so much space, we start to feel the relaxation taking over.

 Our hosts advised us to visit the fishermen' village Majanicho which is in the middle of nowhere between Corallejo and El Cotillo. We like the adventure. The street that brings us to the village is quite tough and I feel like our Polo can't really deal with it but we make it. The village is lovely, very rough with its abandoned little white houses but there is something magic in it. After taking some pictures and selfies we head down to El Cotillo where we aim to see the sunset and maybe have some food as we didn't eat much after our breakfast and I am so hungry! 

 Lajares is a village which is on the way to El Cotillo and it's lovely! The scenery around is really impressive. Although I feel like my brain is getting quite used to the red colour of the mountains I can't stop to get surprised of the beauty of this land which is very different from the UK one. We arrive in El Cotillo and eat in a restaurant near the sea. The fish is good but not so special, too much garlic. As a starter I order once again fried goat cheese. I am totally obsessed !! Quentin is laughing at me! I can't eat wheat actually but on holiday I can have some exceptions, right?  

The sun starts to set and we walk towards the big beach. The cliffs in front of us are simply breathtaking. Some courageous surfers are riding big waves. It's a little chilly actually as the wind is strong. We take some pictures but the beauty of this land can't really be described by a simple shot. We stay there till the sun goes down. 

 We come back and we are exhausted. Have a couple of glasses of wine to celebrate and not to be totally like an old couple;) we select the best pictures of the day and take some notes for our blog and add some pics to Instagram. We are so addicted to Instagram! It's the end of a lovely slow and healthy day and can't wait to have a good rest in the silence.