Day 3 Fuerteventura

Words from Quentin...

Day 3 dawns and it's the day for adventure down South! Our alarms go off earlier than usual and in typical form it takes a lot of snoozing before we drag ourselves out of bed. Skipping our usual amazing breakfast we're into the car and on the road before our stomachs catch up. An hour later we're forced into a town El Castillo in search of local eats. It's hard to find, this appears to be a town for tourists and English Breakfasts abound. Finally we settle on a place called Mint and order up some Spanish omelettes and cured Serrano ham for Quentin.

Back in the car our hearts falter when the car refuses to start. We'd left the lights on and the already weak battery was dead. We're parked facing up a slight hill. Quentin tests whether we'll be able to push the car into a U-Turn and back down the hill to jump start. Possible but a bit dicey. We wait a few minutes more and then try the ignition again - it fires and we're back underway!

We continue the drive to Sotavento and from the hills we get glimpses of white sand and blue water. Down a dirt track and into a car park and we're there! The beach is stunning! We see some kitesurfers in the distance and head towards them. Ten minutes later we approach the Mistral windsurfing and kitesurfing centre. There are a few learner windsurfers gliding on the lagoon out front and the kitesurfers are still in the distance down the beach.

We head into the centre to check out what's on offer and get chatting to the friendly staff. We learn that the tide is coming in and soon the expansive sand area that stretches for miles out front will turn into a lagoon. The wind is fairly light and not that inspiring for Quentin to go kitesurfing but a plan forms for Leti to try windsurfing the first time.

We hire a beginner set up between us and Quentin plugs back in his windsurfing instructor brain that hasn't been used for 10+ years. Leti is a natural! Within the hour she is sailing both ways and turning 180 like a pro. Leti's back is aggravated by pulling up the sail so she learns to get going by holding the sail and stepping on the board - the beach start - which normally isn't taught until more advanced lessons. A few pics for proof and then time to hand back the gear and get back on the road.

The plan is paused by Leti needing to try a few more forearm balance inversions on the sand before heading off.
And then by Quentin needing to stop and take a few more shots of the dunes and water.
Finally we drag ourselves away from this beautiful beach and get on the road towards Cofete.

Sealed road turns to dirt road - wide and generally well maintained. We get to the crest of the hill and are greeted by the an incredible panorama. Steep mountains falling into a blue-green sea with lines of waves stacked up and peeling into the bays. Both awesome and a little unsettling.

Night is falling and we're wondering how much longer till we get to Cofete and whether we'll get there and back before it gets dark.The dirt road narrows and the drop-off is off-putting - there aren't any barriers and going off the road isn't an attractive option. We reach Cofete, a bizarre little village that looks part abandoned - a donkey strolls past without even looking.

A few hurried snaps and we gun it back the way we came as the shadows start stretching across the landscape around us. Over the hill and we relax and laugh - a mini drama created in our minds.

Our thoughts turn to dinner on the way home. Trip advisor recommendations suggest El Camino - an authentic restaurant in Costa Calma - and we programme our sat nav. What a cute little place! Quentin goes for the El Camino platter and it doesn't disappoint! Local goats cheese, iberico ham, wrinkly potatoes, mussels and fresh veggies would do for a main - let alone a starter!  Tuna taco soon follows and rounds off a gorgeous meal. Service was brilliant and exceptionally friendly.

Leti braves the drive home, through winding country roads with no lighting and annoying tailgating drivers more familiar with the roads. Finally we're home safe and can relax - weary and happy from another day's exploring.