Day 4 Fuerteventura

Words from Leti...

It's the last day in Fuerteventura. Don't like these short holidays. Why do we have to work and have so much fatigue in life? I wonder..  

I wake up at 8 but struggle to open my eyes. Quentin as usual is snoozing my alarm. He pretends to not hear it. I know we need to wake up as we want to explore more before leaving. I also know I should have my yoga practice but I let my laziness take over this morning. I don't know why I keep thinking of eating. I am so hungry on this island, it must be the wind. Better not to practice than practicing with my mind thinking of eating yummy food!  

Our hosts prepared an amazing hazelnut cake made of rice flour. I am so inspired by this cuisine. I want to cook and bake more when I am at home. I say to Francesca the host that we should exchange recipes. She is so lovely. I try to speak English with her but she is shy and keeps speaking in Italian. We say bye to our hosts, pack our things - as usual I took too many things - and drive towards El Cotillo. We want to explore the west coast.  

We then realise that we don't have enough fuel in the car. Argh! So much frustration! We need to go back to Corallejo as there is no fuel station on El Cotillo. Another 20 min of driving back the way we came. We then decide to go to La Concha which is meant to be one of the most beautiful beaches in Fuerteventura where there isn't much wind. The weather is amazing today. Sun is shining and the temperature is really great. It may be the perfect day to give some sun to my sad pale face. Just to make my colleagues jealous of my fantastic tan.  

We finally get to La Concha. It's stunning! The water is transparent and there are little rock caves where people can lie down to protect themselves from the wind. I run into the water, I am so happy to have finally the chance to swim. The water is quite chilly but I am so glad to be here that I decide to jump in and swim a couple of breaststrokes. Quentin is looking at me from the beach. He is still a little bit grumpy because of the time we wasted on the road - I laugh he is very funny!  

He finally joins me and complains about the chilly water. I laugh again, he is the one who normally swims in the cold ocean of New Zealand!! I am just a countryside girl from Switzerland used to cold mountain rivers.  

We lie in the sun for a couple of hours. The sun is so good I finally feel like I am taking some tan. Quentin is already tanned. I am so jealous. How is this possible? We're hungry! again! Fortunately there is a lovely bar on the beach. We have tuna steak with veggie... So simple and so good!  

It's now time to go back to Villa verde where we left our luggage and return the car we rented to then go to the airport. We stop at the Aloe Vera museum once again to get a present for my boss who kindly was looking after Liam our little kitten while we are here. I love the creams and oils. I end up thinking that if she doesn't like the products I can always keep them for myself !! I receive a second aloe Vera plant. This time we are going to call him (it's a him) Jimmy! 

 We finally leave our car and head to the airport. This holiday was too short. Why are we living into our future already and thinking of tomorrow morning when we have to wake up early to get to work?! Life is now! In the present! And the present says our flight is delayed and there is time to buy some stuff. I get myself a necklace. Just a memory I say to myself.  

Quentin laughs at me, he knows I like buying stuff that I will end up leaving around in the house. I have a conversation with the cashier about Fuerteventura and life here. She says she is 'aburrida'. That Gran Canaria is much better. I think nobody is really happy and we always end up complaining as human beings. I laugh. It's time to board now.

I say to Quentin I want to come back here. Despite not being my favourite place I have seen so far there is something that attracts me here. Like a positive energy. Maybe it's just imagination but who cares. It's time to fly back home. I have so much sand in my shoes, but that's perfect. It will be my memory jog for the next days. London we are back and your're cold and wet and you feel like home.