Why My Yoga Teacher Training Transformed My Everyday Life

Before signing up to my Yoga Teacher Training I used to think 'This is it, after my certificate, I'll be a yoga teacher.' That thought was so genuine and innocent in a way that I would have never thought that it would allow me to really re-create my yoga practice and start an amazing journey that really would transform my life completely. 

I may have read somewhere that when you do a teacher training, you're just starting. I thought it was kind of a 'rhetorical' way of describing this transforming adventure. But it wasn't. I must say that when I was reading those kind of comments, my brain would say: 'No way, I want everything NOW'. There was a lot of impatience and attachment to some kind of 'ideal' lifestyle. I would have never thought I would enjoy so much this incredible slow and revolutionary journey within myself. 

First of all, I have to say. My Yoga teacher training defined a new beginning in my life and yoga practice. Yes, I became a yoga teacher on paper but more importantly I started to see what could be really possible if I really decided to deepen my practice with real commitment and care. A few months after the end of my training I started to see that there was no difference between my life and my Yoga practice. Instead, there was union, integration, trust, a new sense of who I was. I never had this awareness before. Yoga was something that I loved, deeply, but the way I am now turning to my practice - every day - when my mind is heavy or not expanded, is completely different.

I think a few things really transformed my practice: 

1. I stopped comparing myself to others. 
I really GOT that my practice is mine and whatever I have been experiencing is perfect compared to my journey. It took me a long time, believe me. Once I really GOT this and not just UNDERSTOOD this, everything shifted in other areas of my life too. 

2. I developed a strong self practice and self study
I really created for me the need to have a space where I could develop a strong self practice and self study. I got deeply interested in the art of living and thinking, in what it means being a human being and applying the teachings of this ancient tradition. 

3. I healed my injuries (physical and emotional) using my practice
Some of my friends like to say that I am 'weird'. When my body has something, instead of running straight away to the doctor, I take my time to enquiry within myself and really take a look at what's going on. I am very thankful to all my injuries and to all the moments of struggle or silly 'drama' that I went through, they really enabled me to see what's possible beyond my fears and reactions. 

4. Keep being in enquiry and cultivate the attitude of a kid
I just like being playful. Not taking myself too seriously. Keep developing that curiosity that makes you alive and happy  every moment! 

5. Developing authenticity
I started this game a few years ago. I promised myself I would increase authenticity in all the areas of my life. At first, I started in smaller areas, it takes some courage sometimes to do it. Then, when I noticed that there was a clear disconnection between who I was becoming and some things I was doing, I started tackling bigger areas and I got so close to my biggest fears. I left the job I was in as it was making me feel unfulfilled and spent time getting connected to all the things that really matter to me and were in line with who I am. Suddenly it was like I could be myself. I could choose authentically every day what I wanted to do or be. Not the 'person' the 'I' I thought I was. 

Loving Humanity

I look at all these people on social media doing amazing yoga poses in front of the sea and I think: I’d like to be like them and live their perfect life.  Suddenly I see my humanity. I see how easily I forget what really drives me and inspires me in the background. Suddenly I see how easily I compare myself to others, how I judge others, how jealous I am, how easily I put myself down, how small I become. I am sitting there in the dark and I see behind those thoughts and all the stories that I built up about my life, about others and I there is a clear and fulfilling reality: the inspiring thought of having a world that works for everyone. 

Glimpse of Yoga

They say that Yoga is transformative. And believe me it is. Sometimes it brings you into such a nice space that you don’t want to go back to your normal reality with 9-5 work and loads of worries in your head. The challenge is to start making yoga really part of your life.