Dreams of a playful Yogini

As a first post, I want to share about my decision to start one of my biggest adventures of 2015: my Yoga Teacher Training.  

I started practicing yoga many years ago during my University years. Straight away I understood that this could give me the kind of mental state I was looking for. At that time, my mind was quite chaoticI didn’t know what to do in my life, felt lost and overwhelmed by responsibility and went through a very emotional and tough period. Suddenly, everything had become too much for me, too big, too intense. I didn’t want to grow up, become an adult and take responsibility for my decisions or choices. I remember that I preferred staying motionless instead of taking any decision. Choices for me were too difficult and all seemed hugely significant and life changing, even when really they weren’t. 

It was in this space that I decided to embrace the yoga practice, as I became aware that it was more than just physical activity.  But rather, there is no separation between the mat and my life – they are one and the same.  How I grapple with my yoga practise on the mat is how I grapple with my life. 

I have always had a certain attention and love for spiritual activities and self research. In my family, my mum has always pushed me to really discover myself and develop my emotional intelligence. However, when I had my first yoga class I didn’t know what to expect. 

I had always thought of myself as being a very clumsy person, lacking coordination and focus, having a hyperactive mind. In other words, my self esteem at that time was not at its best. 

However, I decided to trust my yoga teacher who told me that yoga is a great journey and that it would change my life. I embraced this new adventure and since my very first yoga class, I loved the sensation I gained - the space that this practice creates in my mind, body and spirit.  

At that time, everything seemed very complicated. Managing my thoughts seemed so difficult. That’s why I continued with my yoga practice. Step by step I realised that something was changing in me. I started developing peace of mind, my mind chatter reduced and I really started noticing how much I was judging myself and the people around me. Yoga gave me a great gift of acceptance of myself and the world around me.  

For all these reasons, after moving from Switzerland to the UK I finally decided that it was the time for me to bring my practice to the next level. I can’t even tell you how scared and unsecure I was. I still feel that gaining confidence is a life journey. Sometimes I ask myself why I decided to become a yoga teacher when there are plenty around who are for sure are more experienced than me. I still have the same answer though: I know that all I want is to share this great practise which empowers me every time I am on the mat and which gives me the opportunity to discover myself and really share my love.   

As a wide eyed koala I am now willing to acknowledge my insecurities and see them all as part of the journey.  I remain curious and open to all new discoveries.  I hope you come along and enjoy the journey with us!