Glimpse of Yoga

They say that Yoga is transformative. And believe me it is. Sometimes it brings you into such a nice space that you don’t want to go back to your normal reality with 9-5 work and loads of worries in your head. The challenge is to start making yoga really part of your life. 

This kind of awareness and desire for consistency has been developing within me since I started my yoga training. First I got access to all the benefits that this incredible discipline gives to you. Calm, love, gratitude. Huge quantities of great sensation which shine through your body and face. People around you start looking at you in a different way and see new characteristics in you.  

When you discover your potential and start getting used to these benefits, then there might be a kind of discrepancy between who you are when you practice and who you are in your life. This happened to me as a normal human being who realised how far we can go in our journey within ourselves and how quick we go back to our ugly patterns and limitations. For me, integrating yoga into my life has been the most challenging and rewarding experience so far.   

Yoga is more than physical body. It’s more than mindfulness and meditation. Yoga is a deep journey towards and within the real you. Never easy, it’s a long path towards awareness. And when I say awareness I don’t mean perfection. Awareness of our limitations, of our fears, dreams and goals. Discovery of what really matters to us in our life, discovery of what works for us and what resonates with us. Deep understanding of who we want to be and how we want to impact people around us.   

However, while all this transformation is happening, weird things can happen too What happens to me is that I feel sometimes extremely lovely and open and full of gratitude and a minute after I face my small identity wanting to be intolerant, competitive, cynical. I face my fears and my stubbornness.  In one second I get access to all these things which make my identity. But the biggest thing to remind myself is that I am not these things. I am not my anger, my fears, my identity. The fact that I can now catch myself and bring myself back to my stillness and amazing inner journey is due to yoga. To my constant practice. To my enthusiasm and willingness to keep developing to be a bigger person.