Chanting As a Gift to Your Self

Today I spent another afternoon with my lovely teacher and a group of inspiring women developing our knowledge of Vedic Chanting and Yoga Philosophy. I got connected once again to the magical space that this ancient tradition brings to our mind. It's incredible to participate in the transformation of the mind while chanting and meditating. The power of sound and the Sanskrit language is just amazing and it's definitely something that I want to keep developing within my Yoga practice. 

Today, we mainly focused on the healing power of sound. We asked ourselves: Is there any part of my body that holds any tension, fear, or constriction? What am I holding on to? These two questions deeply touched me and it was easy to see an answer arising from within me.

The truth is that I will never know whether the answer - which arose - was coming from my mind or from my real Self. There is a fine line between feeling and explaining what we 'feel'. I think that we often try to explain with words something that we think we experience. But, what is reality? Does anything get lost between the experience itself of the present moment and the moment I try to explain it in words?

Wherever that answer came from, there was something that surprised me after bringing the sound to that particular area and to that thing that I was holding on to: My fear of failing with everything I love just vanished. I suddenly felt like I was surrendering. For a moment there was pure peace and no opinions in my head. 

We then talk about the separation between mind and higher Self and the possibility of considering this 'separation' as something made up by the mind itself. We explored the fact that what we express and tell to each other about our own experiences isn't the truth but again an opinion, a view, something that may also be wrong. We saw how human beings are constantly sharing their opinions about what happens around them. 

It was time to have a look at what it is said in the Yoga Sutras. Patanjali's Yoga Sutras consider the activity of the mind something like a contraction and the opposite of our common experience of self-contraction is expansion of our awareness.  So, the mind itself just occurs when there is a change in the energy, a self-contraction rather than a separation. I found this conversation so interesting. Maybe also because it gave me power and responsibility when my mind kicks in rather than seeing this as a something separated from me. 

Finally, we worked on the moon chant. It was so great experiencing a total change in the experience and enjoying a very calm and safe chant. Once again I got so inspired seeing how easy it is to learn a chant in Sanskrit when all you do is surrendering to the sound itself and to your Self-awareness. When we approach a new chant, I end up experiencing a space of constriction where I try to get it right, figure it out and to not make any mistakes. That's exactly what I normally hold on to. I am constantly scared of not getting it right. So, this time, I just surrendered to the sound and trusted the group and the teacher. The result was simply amazing. I chanted as this was simply who I am. Sitting in meditation after was incredible. A pure sense of peace and contentment. 

I had to share this with you as the Vedic chanting experience  is something that touches me deeply. Sometimes I see the benefits straight after the session, sometimes later. What I can say is that, since dedicating more time to this, I feel much more connected to who I am as a being and what I am up to in this present moment. And getting closer to who I am is just a wonderful gift that leads to immense pure contentment.