How to Create Clarity and Choose your Path in Life

7 things you should do to create clarity in your mind and choose your path in life without effort. 

1. Declare your purpose in life
Write down on a piece of paper, notepad or on a big white-board (best option) what you think your purpose is. Keep writing until you find that thing that really moves you and inspires you! 

2. Understand the 'Why' behind your purpose
Be straight with yourself and very authentic. Look at what drives you in life. Why you would  like to accomplish that particular thing. Why do you care? The reason why you are willing to take on something more in your life - which could be challenging - must have a big 'why' behind. Make sure you are very clear on that. 

3. Increase your Yoga and meditation practice
Be dedicated and interested in seeing how your practice evolves. When you set your intention before starting the class, bring back your awareness to your purpose. Observe what arises from that space. Don't judge yourself but keep looking and checking whether any feeling or fear come up. Increase the level of your practice: have integrity in every pose or breath. Be there, in the present every second treat your purpose with the same integrity as you do for your practice.

4. Share
Share your purpose with the people around you. With the people you love and with the people you have just met. Share with strangers. Again, observe what happens with people when you do that and what happens with you when you share. Let these people see what really drives you and inspires you. Make sure they get your passion and commitment which is not attachment. Allow people to enquiry for themselves what their purpose is. What really inspires them in life. 

5. Define your actions
Write down all the actions that you need to take in line with your final purpose. Again, this requires a certain level of authenticity with yourself and willing to work hard. Create milestones for yourself. Like something you want to get done by a certain time.  Don't get distracted! If you do, then be responsible and go back into action. While you're in the action, keep reminding to yourself that you're doing that particular thing within your final purpose. Make sure that all the actions you take are relevant to your vision. 

6. Select and choose
The more you are connected to your purpose, the easier it will be to choose what you have to do next. You will end up seeing clearly what tasks are necessary in your life and what is completely useless. You will find yourself choosing without any effort. You will choose because that is just what it is and is resonating completely with your final vision. Clarity will arise within you. 

7. Keep evolving
Don't get stuck with old purposes that don't inspire you anymore. Sometimes we change and our purpose transform with us. Don't stick to your original purpose just because it 'feels right'. Don't get stuck in your mind. Look at your fears and then move on. Don't be influenced by what people think around you. Bring yourself back to your practice, to your meditation and yoga. Write down what inspires you, focus on your new purpose and start again.